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Lower Sabie Rest Camp

Lower Sabie rest Camp in Kruger Park is on the banks of the perennial Sabie River, which draws a wide variety of animals all year round as large numbers of game are attracted to the abundance of water, sweet grass and foliage in the vicinity, giving rise to a diversity of game, almost unequalled anywhere else in the Park. Large numbers of game are attracted to the plentiful water and a wide variety of bird species will appeal to the avid bird watcher.

Lower Sabie Rest camp is one of the parks most popular camps as it caters for to a variety of guests requirements and also boasts wheelchair-friendly accommodation.

The area is also rich in Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Rhino and herds of Buffalo up to 800 strong and is known for its high density of Warthog.

Latest Sightings have tracked a record of almost 3000 lion sightings over a period of 6 months, just over 1200 leopard sightings, Spotted hyena, Wild Dogs, Goliath Heron and Giant Kingfisher.


Bungalow (BD2)
Bungalow (BD2U)
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Bungalow (BD3U)
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Bungalow (BD3Z)
Camp Site (CK6P)
Family Cottage (FU4P)
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Keartland Guest House (GKG)
Safari Tent - Bush View (LBVST2)